Brands We Repair

Appliance Brands We Repair

Our experts have worked with almost every appliance problem. You name an appliance, we've worked on it. Below are some of the brands:

• Viking

• Kenmore

• Bosch

• Samsung

• GE

• LG

• Maytag

• Frigidaire

I can't see my brand?

If you don't see your appliance - call us! We have worlds of knowledge, and we believe we can fix any appliance need.

What repairs do we do?

No matter the problem, complex or easy; we have the team to help you. Our team understands the many things that could go wrong:

• Coolant leaks

• Motor malfunction

• Water leaks

• Strange knocking sounds

• and a whole lot more!

Be sure to keep our number saved! For all your emergencies, get in touch, and our team we'll be there in no time!

Why not DIY?

The internet will trick you into thinking repairs are easy, but in reality, they're a job best kept for a professional.

Professionals like us have the correct technical knowledge to perform the repairs you need. Even if it's a simple spare part replacement, we strongly advise the experts to tend to your needs. You're your motor blowing for example. There's a cause for this occurrence. It may be something more sinister, such as the cooling system or even something more technical. This is why our team of trusted specialists will do the job, and do it right!

You may even try rewiring something, if you get this wrong then you're doing more harm than good. Wire issues are serious concerns, ones that can cause grave risks for family members. We strongly advise not to take any unnecessary risks!

We totally understand the thrill of a DIY job. However, its best you put those skills to practice for less complex jobs, which tend to functionality not technicality. Too often we're fixing issues that were caused by dodgy DIY ‘repairs'.

It's definitely a more cost-effective and harmless option to get us involved, cause we'll:

• Guarantee the quality of our work

• Get you the best deal on replacement parts

• Make sure that there are no further issues that require attention

• Fix it properly the first time

Why us?

If you're after the most supreme deal on the market, then we're the team for you! But please do not hesitate to look at your choices before callings us!

Why would we suggest that? It's a matter of trusting our skills. We have no doubt that we have the most superior deals, but more importantly, the most expert service.

We don't want to speak on behalf of competing contractors, however, we can confidently preach to our own teams' skillset. It's doesn't matter if it's the team itself or the parts we work with - its only the finest quality.

If you're after affordable services, with guaranteed quality then get in touch today, our team are here to help!